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    An Effective and Proven Way to Develop Children's Learning Abilities

An Effective and Proven Way to Develop Children's Learning Abilities

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An Effective and Proven Way to
Develop Children’s Learning Abilities

Key to Learning is a unique educational programme which gives parents and teachers the tools to develop children’s cognitive learning abilities. It is based on the ideas formed by educationalists and psychologists from the Vygotsky school and further refined by the latest world-wide research into children’s learning processes.

The “Key to Learning” curriculum is different from others because it really focuses on developing learning abilities and using cultural tools (the how), rather than just educational content (the what). It creates the right conditions for minds to open, for learning to become a pleasure and for creativity to flourish.

There are 12 programmes or modules in the Key to Learning curriculum, designed primarily for children from three to seven years old. The full package contains over 600 learning activities and games with comprehensive supporting materials, manuals, schedules, detailed descriptions of materials and procedures, and teacher notes.

Support for professional development is available through conferences, master classes, seminars and workshops. We have a regular schedule of conferences and courses but please contact us if you would like to arrange anything else for your school or group.


“I am sure that this initiative has implications for the nation as a whole. I have seen preschools all over the world. There are some excellent examples, particularly in New Zealand, USA and Northern Italy, but this one is outstanding. I do not believe I have seen a better one the world over.”

Sir Christopher Ball, Chancellor of the University of Derby, Co-author of Start Right Report ‘The Importance of Early Learning’